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D - 450x253_JJ2015_003

Having helped grow the social media presence for our client Jay Jays during 2015, we were excited to learn that Jay Jays has achieved a 20%+ engagement ranking as published in the Australian Facebook Performance report conducted by Online Circle. A category leading result. Jay Jays has also experienced a 10x increase in followers throughout 2015 due to the strategic direction specifically created for the target market.


C - 210x395_GAZMAN2015_001


B - 210x297_idi

We have developed a brand refresh for Australian mobile phone repair company idroppedit.com with a corporate rollout for 2016.


D - 450x253_INTREPID_v2

In partnership with our friends at Undertow Media. We designed and developed the latest online campaign for Intrepid Travel. A meme generator that allows the user to customise travel images with graphic elements and personalised travel mantras that can be shared on social media – Asking the question, What does travel mean to you?

Latest campaign for Intrepid in partnership with Undertow media

B - 210x297_GN

PGA of Australia launched the Greg Norman Medal, designed by The Reactor. It will be awarded at the end of each season to the best professional male or female golfer.


D - 450x253_HM

No one is happier than us to see Happy Melon open its doors. We have been working with the team from the very beginning, creating the name, positioning, branding and now launching this revolutionary new Yoga, Pilates and Fitness studio with mindfulness at its heart. An integrated website has also been developed with a custom designed booking system. Get the mind right, the body will follow. happymelon.com.au


D - 450x253_MRMEN

What would you like your brand to be known for? Targeting marketers, creatives and designers, we were tasked with announcing that Mr. Men and Little Miss Characters are available to be licensed for use in marketing campaigns – So, we created Mr. Models. An international modelling agency that represents over 80 Mr. Men and Little Miss Characters. Book the face of your next campaign at mr-models.com


D - 450x253_F2

Our latest campaign for iconic Australian brand Feathers brings the textures of the season to life with a colourful take on autumn/winter. Shot by Tintin Hedberg (Hell Studios) and retouched by Jason Ridell, the campaign will appear instore, online & in a special winter catalogue that not only features the key items of the season but also a winter essentials mini guide.


B - 210x297_JJ

Our streamlined working relationship with Jay Jay’s is helping to keep their social media feeds current and fresh.


D - 450x253_HARMONY_V32

Martin and Pleasance asked for a campaign to complement their women’s Harmony range. Products targeted to relieve symptoms of pms and menopause. The solution became clear. How best to rid these unwanted, unpredictable, ugly symptoms? Other than bad mouthing them to your friends… why not just break up with them… So that’s exactly what we did.


D - 450x253_5C4

The Reactor has developed a campaign and new branding for YGAP and their 5 Cent initiative asking Australians to donate their five cent coins to social entrepreneur projects in needy communities around the world. A new campaign including rebranding & design, outdoor, TV and online activity has recently launched in selected capital cities around Australia. Shot by Tom Franks at Hell Studios the campaign features the 5 Cent coin as currency that doesn’t belong stuffed in the lounge room couch.


C - 210x395_GAZMAN2015_003

The GAZMAN name has been around for years and has been a stalwart in the mens fashion industry. When The Reactor was approached to help GAZMAN move forward we jumped at the opportunity to work with this iconic Australian brand. With a fresh approach to the photographic treatment and a new design feel for their seasonal campaigns, keep your eye out for the new work instore, online and in print.


D - 450x253_MB

When Martin & Pleasance asked The Reactor to revitalise the Vital Greens brand, we checked with their customers to see what they liked about the product… they said it made them just feel better. With this in mind the “More Betterness” campaign was created for print, online, instore and outdoor.




D - 450x253_VB

Not the most catchy of names for a product that has taken Vel Pajic, Head Physio for the Hopman Cup years to create and does what it claims to do – relieve muscle and joint pain. A simple but effective 15 second animated TV spot has markedly helped drive retail and online sales and let the aching and sore public know that this is a product that actually works.


C - 210x395_GAZMAN2015_002



We have enlisted the help of an annoying, sledging scorecard to front a new campaign and positioning that encourages golfers to get a lesson from their local PGA pro. “Golf can be the most wonderful and frustrating game within the same minute. But it all comes down to the individual and all that goes down the scorecard. “Silence the Scorecard’ is a rich creative territory and one all golfers can relate to. We needed the scorecard character to embody everything that is annoying and niggly about golf.”



We’ve recently started working with the Just Group’s youth focused fashion brand Jay Jays. Our role is to help tell a story each month with their current range of clothes. It all starts with a pretty intense photo shoot, then we collaborate and create the month’s worth of content for Facebook and Intsagram.





Because that big, blue office supply store is no place for kids. Schoolbiz needed a brand refresh to help them play with the big boys.







We love a good creative collaboration. So when Dmarge.com came knocking with an opportunity, we jumped to it. It meant we got to spend the day making a selection of some of the world’s best watches look sensation. And we also got to spend a day with one of our favourite local photographers, Tintin Hedberg from Hell Studios.



With over 16,000 Facebook Fans, Hairy Lemon’s page is going from strength to strength. That’s a recovery we can all take credit for!



This kind of feels weird but humbling. Our campaign for JWS (featured below) is now in an advertising textbook. Shucks.





The PGA Kids only Clubhouse is an historic joint venture between the PGA and Golf Australia. Instead of running two competing junior programs, they’ve joined forces to get more bang for their buck. Together they put their faith in us to create a place where kids can be kids and learn everything they need to master the game. So, the Kids only Clubhouse was born.


C - 210x395 Feathers w14

Feathers Winter 2014

D - 450x253 Alley

We captured this amazing shot as we were setting up the scene on our latest shoot with Carlos from Hell Studios. Greg and Tom (photography assistants) were caught in the moment depicting some dodgy dealings going on in downtown Richmond…

Latest shoot with Carlos at Hell Studios


Introducing new client and a bunch of new work for VOOST, Vitamin Boost.

VOOST Vitamins


As part of our ongoing campaign to promote the benefit of lessons for the PGA We have launched a pair of 15-second spots to play through the summer golf coverage, encouraging golfers to Find A Pro. The spots use a real PGA Pro highlighting the tiny tweaks, that if done correctly and by a PGA Pro, can make an enormous difference to your game.

Helping Hands for PGA




Created as editorial for international fashion magazines, Stockholm Syndrome amalgamates the diverse Reactor skillsets. Published in Bello Mag, the article combines fashion, photography, design and conceptual to put the premise that followers of fashion are hostages who don’t realise that they’re the victims. Shot by Tintin Hedberg at Hell Studios.

Stockholm Syndrome


Our latest campaign for Lekker has been featured in Adnews ‘Creatives Choice’ for the month of June…

Lekker No1 in AdNews


The PGA Shop is a unique retail offering for golfers. We brought in a sense of fun, explaining the PGA’s offering with a treatment that harks back to golf’s classic era.

PGA Shop

C - 210x395 MM Bear

Melbourne Mint Radio


The United Fire Fighters Union – Victorian Branch has been struggling to have their service properly funded by the state government. In the lead up to the 2013 Federal Election and the 2014 Victorian Election, they asked us to bring their issue to the front of mind in the Victorian electorate. For us, the proposition was simple – firefighting services need to be funded properly or people will die. So we kept the ad simple as well.

Cost cutting costs lives


High gas prices has been an ongoing challenge for the Manufacturing sector. Our job was to help get the attention of the Fed Gov to put this on the agenda.

Gas For Jobs


Feathers s13


For the first time, the Australian Professional Golf Association is bringing their Players’ Championship to the RACV’s Royal Pines resort on the Gold Coast. To help celebrate this and the presence of high-ranked Australian golfers Jason Day and Adam Scott in the tournament, we used the neon lights that the Gold Coast is famous for to bring a new style to the traditionally conservative marketing of golf.

PGA Watch the Pros light up the Gold Coast


Yes, We are pleased to be announcing a ‘tasty’ campaign for Lekker Bikes. “Lekker is Dutch for tasty,” and the new series of the Jordaan model bikes, available in licorice, mint and blue heaven colours. To add extra ‘Dutchness’ copy was translated into Dutch and then translated back into English to help give it an ‘English as a second language’ feel. To many credits to mention but special thanks to Tintin Hedberg (photographer), Jason Riddell (retoucher) & CI studios, Melbourne.

Introducing the Lekker Jordaan, in 3 ‘Lekker’ Colours…


Polaris Communications

C - 210x395 MM Vikings

Melbourne Mint Radio


JWS Research has been a trusted name in the field of political and corporate campaign polling for over ten years. We were asked to create a refreshed look & feel and a campaign theme for the research firm that catered to the wide variety of their clients. ‘Find out what they’re thinking’ allows potential clients of JWS to feel what it would be like to have their finger on the pulse of the nation. We also created a live population counter for the JWS website to bring the campaign to life.

Find out what they’re thinking with JWS Research


Our latest EDM features air conditioning units from the studio’s surrounding area. This month, the Panasonic Split System.

Air-Conditioning Love

C - 210x395 Feathers W13

Feathers W13 launch

D - 450x253 HL 2

Hairy Lemon is the perfect pick me up for people who feel like they’ve been to a music festival. So who better to target for a summer campaign for our new client? You guessed it, festival goers. The combination of the target audience and product created some awesome media and creative opportunities that we grabbed with both hands. Then we raised both those hands in the air and, well, you get the rest.

Recover this summer with Hairy Lemon

C - 210x395 ABC Radio

Our latest Radio campaign for Australian Bullion Company includes merry-go-rounds, dodge’m cars and roller coasters…

Merry-Go-Rounds for ABC

D - 450x253 Aquarium PRESSOUTDOOR

For our latest creative concept for the Sydney Aquarium we created a watery wonderland that is as magical as the Aquarium itself. Shot by Carlos Alcade with crew at CI Studios and retouched by Charlie Jackson at CI Pixel, we created a fish tank of deep-sea friends, gave them iconic Sydney buildings to play amongst and extended the invitation to ‘Discover a New World.’

Discover a new world – The Aquarium

B - 210x297 Tinitrader

We are proud to announce the birth of our launch campaign for Tinitrader.com.au coming in at 6 pounds 8 ounces…

It’s a… Website

D - 450x253 MM Hero

Headquartered in the historic Melbourne Mint Building, the resurrection of the new Melbourne Mint has been a process that has made the most of every one of The Reactor’s specialist skills. In partnership with Melbourne Mint, we developed the brand, physically created the stunning, contemporary interactive spaces, and filled it with inspirational audio-visual content and information for potential investors on the beauty and power of gold.

The Reactor Launches Melbourne Mint

B - 210x297 Maggie T Oct

We featured international cover-girl Robyn Lawley in Maggie T’s Summer 2012 range for their new catalogue.

Summer for Maggie T

C - 210x395 PGA flame 2

Turn up the Heat for the PGA

C - 210x395 Feathers ss12 Hero

how to get rid of eye floaters

Feathers Summer

D - 450x253 AAR TVC intentions Hero 2

The Alliance of Australian Retailers was formed by service station, milk bar and convenience store owners – those who often find themselves at the forgotten end of retail. Struggling for an opinion platform, they found themselves unable to express the negative impact the Federal Governement’s proposed plain packaging policy would have on their businesses. With this campaign, they finally have a voice.

Alliance of Australian Retailers

A - 210x148 AAR Ten News

On the set of our latest shoot for Maggie T’s Summer catalogue, we received a surprise visit from the channel ten news team, hoping to catch a glimpse of (and interview with) our model, international success story Robyn Lawley.

NEWS: The Reactor on 10

C - 210x395 ESSA

We helped ESAA out with a brand refresh for their website and marketing collateral by transforming their logo into a whole look and feel.


D - 450x253 GiantBEX TVC Hero TVC

In our latest TVC for the Bike Exchange and Giant Bikes giveaway collaboration, “21 bikes in 21 days,” aired during the Tour de’ France. with a Giant defy road bike won every day for three weeks on bikeexchang.com.au, we used a calendar visual to introduce the competition. We were also pretty excited to see our new Bike Exchange logo racing around! …Win a Bike, Win a Bike, Win a Bike, Win a Bike, Win a Bike. Take a look by viewing more.

Giant Bikes + Bike Exchange

C - 210x395 PGA Exposed Hero DESIGNPRESSONLINE

PGA Exposed

B - 210x297 bex bmx PRESS

All that’s missing is you and your BMX. We suggest riders complete the scenes by visiting bikeexchange.com.au.

Bike Exchange

C - 210x395 MPW Hero DESIGN

lipoma natural treatment

Logo Design for MPW

D - 450x253 Siemens Hero DESIGNPRESS

When we were approached by Siemens to help dispel the myth that there’s nothing exciting about cables, we thought we’d do something a bit special and commissioned a local artist to create an artwork that would wrap it up once and for all. To channel our inner chakra, we took Siemens flexible cables to a yoga class and photographed the sculpture to deliver a truly unique campaign that showcases the adaptability, of flexibility.

Getting Flexible for Siemens

C - 210x395 Feathers Arrows hero PRESSONLINE

Feathers eStore Launch

D - 450x253 Phoenix QR Hero ONLINE

When Wellington Phoenix Football Club approached us with a boring QR code dilemma, how could we not be inspired by their mighty Phoenix mascot? With a barcode reader now in everyone’s pocket, we had to take a unique approach towards an essential marketing tool. And here you have it; quick and effortless transportation to the club’s web page is now available via Phoenix.

Wellington Phoenix Football Club gets QR

C - 210x395 Fred&Frank Modernist Hero DESIGNPRESS

Sneak Peak Fred&Frank

B - 210x297 F&F NYC Hero PRESS

Our latest campaign for Fred&Frank is straight from the streets of NYC included a launch parade at the block projects in Richmond.

Fred&Frank NYC

A - 210x148 Vanmoof NEWS

All the way from the Netherlands, The Reactor welcomes Vanmoof bicycles. A young, ambitious Dutch company born out of a love for bikes, we are excited to help them share their fresh approach to inner city mobility and join them in their goal of to getting the stationary city dweller moving around town with speed and style. One country at a time. Visit Vanmoof online.

News: Welcome Vanmoof

B - 210x297 Feathers s11 Hero DESIGNWEBOUTDOOR

We have launched the new summer range for Feathers with a fresh campaign inspired by the classic charm of a European summer.

Feathers European Summer

D - 450x253 PGA Season TVC Hero

When the PGA approached The Reactor to develop their latest campaign for the Tour of Australasia, we looked to Bear Grylls for inspiration and a came up with a new approach that reveals the natural hunt at the core of every game. We continued our TVC’s intrepid explorer theme, for Instore, Print, Outdoor and Online incarnations (including a camouflage buggy) to produce a widespread campaign that proved a huge step forward for the PGA.

It’s Golf Season for the PGA


When the VTHC approached the Reactor to help them appeal to the public, we were happy to help out, creating our ‘There For You’ campaign. With an interactive print campaign arriving in letterboxes everywhere and an accompanying T.V ad, we highlighted the scope of the public sector’s contribution to local communities and made sending the message and giving back simple and accessible.

‘There for you’

B - 210x297 BikeForce Behind the Scenes NEWS

Take a look at what we got up to behind the camera with some images from the Bike Force TVC Shoot.

Behind The Scenes

C - 210x395 PGA ismycv2 NEWS

For the ismycv.com TVC shoot we had a cast of 1000’s (well 100’s) check out what happened behind the camera…

ismycv.com backstage

D - 450x253 Vanmoof Grolsch Hero DESIGN

Iconic Dutch bicycles Vanmoof teamed up with Grolsh beer to help to create there very own streamlined bike in celebration of their Australian launch. Stripped of all the non essentials (the 24-beer capacity handlebar basket not being one of them) our latest campaign highlights the urban-proofed customised bike and invites beer lovers to check out what happens when two famous dutch brands meet in a bar, have a few and get together.

VANMOOF + Grolsch

D - 450x253 St John Hero PRESSOUTDOOR

13,000 casualties. 250,000 hours. 3,000 volunteers. For 125 years the St John’s charity has made major contributions to communities Australia-wide, whilst maintaining their volunteering ethos. So our latest winter campaign for St. John Ambulance presents the facts and calls on the public to dig deep into their pockets and help fund the $5 million dollars in operating costs that these modern day heroes rely on every year.

St John Ambulance

A - 210x148 BikeExchange DesignOnline

There’s nothing quite like a new bike. And we thought that was just what our friends at bikeexchange.com.au needed when they came to us to refresh their look and logo. Taking their existing colour palette, we took inspiration from real life cyclists… and their bikes, to create a new logo for the company that really personifies what they do.

New Logo: Bike Exchange

B - 210x297 PGA Season NEWS

Up against our Bear Grylls look-alike, the Jungle, Desert and Ocean didn’t stand a chance in our latest campaign for the PGA.

PGA Backstage

D - 450x253 ARR Hero

Via our retail design spaces initiative, The Space, The Reactor created the “Inconvenience Store” to show how plain packaging will destroy the value of brands and create confusion for customers. As warnings get bigger, alcohol, soft drink and confectionery labels follow in the footsteps of tobacco, the AAR sounded the early warning with maximum effect.

The InConvenience Store

D - 450x253 NIN TVC Hero TVC

Last-minute accommodation service Need it Now came to us in need of an aural revamp, so we channeled our inner rock-stars to create a new sound. Sung to the tune of ‘All Right Now’ by Free, it’s currently rocking in our latest national TV and radio campaign. Watch the T.V spot by viewing more and see if you can resist the urge to visit needitnow.com and book your next holiday – it’s contagious.

Need it now…

B - 210x297 Paperdoll ONLINE

Be flashed back to your childhood as we bring back the paperdoll and turn it into a brand name and campaign for stylist Lara Reynolds.


C - 210x395 Air NZ Pilot DESIGN

Air New Zealand Uniform

A - 210x148 PGA centenary hero PRESSDESIGNONLINE

From one century to the next: the Professional Golf Association are celebrating 100 years of golf in Australia. To help celebrate their centenary, the Reactor’s new look for the PGA draws on golfing history, featuring images of the beginnings of golf in Australia in 1911, including some classic hats, to evoke the timelessness of the gentleman’s game.

100 Years of Golf

D - 450x253 Smallworlds Hero PRESSOUTDOOR

“I don’t drink water, fish #$&@ in it.” Small World Foods wanted a big new voice, so we gave them Napoleon, W.C. Fields, Beethoven and Virginia Woolfs’ for starters. Pairing such gems as, “A morning without coffee is like sleep,” with samplings of fresh deliciousness that can only have come from our friends at Small World, we created a campaign that will have you drooling over your keyboard.

Small World

D - 450x253 BEX Bought It TVC Hero TVC

When given the task of highlighting the sell it, buy it, ride it messaging of BikeExchange.com.au, “We wanted to keep it simple, with a very clear message, ‘Bought it’ talks directly to the novice all the way through to the experienced cyclist.” The Campaign will run nationwide during the Tour De’ France 2012 to reach and inspire the maximum number of bike lovers and potential bike lovers alike.

Bike Exchange ‘Bought it’

B - 210x297 PGA Holden Scramble hero DESIGNPRESS

We invited golfers to put together their perfect team and compete in one of Australia’s largest sports events, Holden Scramble…

Who’s Your Fantastic Four?

B - 210x297 PGA Cruelty Hero PRESS

Broken clubs and broken ego's… We ask to end the cruelty against golf club abuse by getting a lesson from your local PGA pro.

End the cruelty…

B - AAR Illegal Hero 210x297 PRESSONLINE

Our campaign for the AAR challenged the Governments plain packaging cigarettes policy due to effects on the illegal tobacco trade.

Illegal Trade

D - 450x253 ISMYCV Stand Out Hero TVC

Our latest campaign for the new job search company with a twist, ismycv.com.au… the online job search where the employer finds you. Directed by Richard Grey (check out his latest film Summer Coda starring Rachael Taylor and Alex Dimitriades) and shot in busy Melbourne Street, a.k.a. visy park car park, this campaign highlights the importance of standing out when it’s the employer doing the searching.

‘Stand Out’ with ismycv.com.au

D - 450x253 PGA champs HEro PRESSONLINE

The PGA asked us to Re-Brand their major tournament, The PGA Championship and with the biggest names in golf competing and Coca Cola the major sponsor, we had to turn up the heat. Set against a backdrop inspired by the tournament’s unique location of sunny Coolum, QLD, our national campaign showcased the star line-up including Greg Norman and Jason Day in an event first.

Heating up with the PGA

B - 210x297 WTD Hero Hero OUTDOORPRESS

To celebrate the role of teachers in Victorian Schools we developed a film competition for students that generated 100’s of entries.

Vic Institute of Teaching

C - 210x395 Ismycv 2 NEWS

ISMYCV backstage

B - 210x297 Hot Dog Leads Hero OUTDOORPRESS

To break the boredom of current in-store messages, we created a voice for mans best friend… blackmail.

Fido Gets Angry


Armed with confectionery, we managed to feature these tiny tots on our new website for Fred&Frank Kids clothing.

Fred&Frank Online

D - 450x253 BikeForce TVC Hero TVC

To air during the Tour De’ France, we created a TVC campaign for one of Australia’s largest bicycle chains, Bike Force. With 20 stores Australia-wide and an established online presence, Bike Force Australia’s expanding brand needed a new positioning. ‘Time to get serious’ challenged cafe cyclists to consider upgrading the old squeaky Repco and be the first off the mark to ensure maximum latte time and minimum lyrca-clad rear end viewing.

Time to get serious with Bike Force

B - 210x297 Hero bex Cadel PRESS

BikeExchange showed their support for Cadel Evans with this press campaign that also coincided with the launch of their new logo.

Cadel Wins in France

D - 450x253 Feathers crows Hero PRESSOUTDOORONLINE

We took to the streets for Feathers Boutique’s latest winter campaign. Featuring a stylistic focus on the stark contrast and beauty of a wintery urban landscape, we completed the look and feel with some feathered friends to accompany our model. We featured the black and white campaign on rock posters, outdoor, print and online to get Feathers’ winter range out into the Melbourne elements.

Carn’ the Crows

C - 210x395 Anglicare hero PRESS

natural ways to increase penis size

‘i care’ for Anglicare

C - 210x395 Lekker Hero DESIGNONLINE

Mmmm Logos…

B - 210x297 Trelise Cooper Hero DESIGN

New Zealand designer Trelise Cooper approached us to create a brandmark for the range of ECO friendly designer bags

ECO Bag for Trelise Cooper

B - 210x297 Feathers Lindy Hero OUTDOOR

We invited Balinese Princess Lindy Klim (and queen to king of the pool Michael Klim) to model Feathers’ new summer range.

Princess Lindy…

D - 450x253 B&G Hero PRESSONLINE

We avoided the predictable for daring Melbourne-based bridal company Bouquet & Garter. Featuring striking photography, we took inspiration from the bold creativity of the company’s make-up artistry and hair styling and created a couple of brides as dynamic as the salon’s work itself. Cheesy grins and tear tracks were out in favour of a good old bridezilla-off. Our models certainly rose to the occasion.


D - 450x253 SS Wireless

Following the recent release of the ‘Soundshield 4G’ Acoustic Safety user interface, Polaris Communications have released its companion, the ‘Soundshield Wireless’ Headset – the world’s first wireless headset with unsurpassed acoustic protection designed specifically for contact centres. Our latest campaign utilises 3D rendering and animation to showcase the benefits. Take a look here.

SoundShield Wireless

B - 210x297 WP Fresh Hero PRESS

Our latest campaign for Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre uses big fresh food imagery for ‘Fresh Food Week’.

Waurn Ponds gets Fresh

D - 450x253 ISMY TVC2 Hero TVC

With their revolutionised approach to job-market navigation, ismycv.com.au needed a campaign that highlighted their differences to ensure they stand out from the rest. After the success of their last campaign, our latest TVC focuses on the employer, targeting them to introduce the idea of an employer-driven market, whilst still illustrating to job-seekers the benefit of standing out when your dream-job is searching for you.

Find Employees the easy way with ismycv.com.au

A - 210x148 Waurn Ponds Winter  PRINT

It’s the little guys that count, which is why we have loved working with Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre on their latest Winter catalogue. Showcasing a wonderland of the latest winter fashion and design pieces, we embraced the chilly weather when featuring the seasonal must-haves for him, her and the kids by having our models don an array winter woolies!

Winter hits Waurn Ponds

D - 450x253 Don TVC Hero TVC

We had to get our Jamie Oliver on when creating the accompaniment to the current Don Fleishmaster campaign. Although coming up with a few meal ideas wasn’t all that difficult considering the obvious deliciousness of the hero ingredients. Featuring the classic rustic look and feel that is synonymous with the brand, the campaign included a TVC and online recipes that can be created at home. Stuck for lunch? Check out 101 ways with salami here.

Is Don, is good

B - 210x297 Nike Hero

We connected Nike + Zelus stores directly with their loyal retail customers through the power of online media.

Nike + Zelus

D - 450x253 Dainty Hero ONLINE

We love music and we love events so we love doing websites for companies that work on the best of both. Our latest work for Dainty Group is built with a SMART CMS system that allows the client to populate each event only once. It then automatically ticks over into past events which is pretty handy when you are the biggest events company in Australia and run over a 100 shows a year.

Metal to musicals with the Dainty group

A - 210x148 Crusty ONLINE

For our new look and feel website and creative for the daredevil freestyle motorcyclists, Crusty Demons, we had to get appropriately dirty. We got serious and fire-proof for the freestyle motocross pioneers, throwing skulls, flame throwers and nuts and bolts into the mix for crusty.com to match the international teams flammable style.

Getting Dirty

C - 210x395 Homai Hero DESIGN

Packaging Design for HOMAI

B - 210x297 AFI Hero

Our latest promotional work for the AFI’s Festival of Film and AACTA Awards featured a windowpane of teasers to keep punters guessing.

AFI Awards

D - 450x253 Hassel Hero DESIGN

In conjunction with photographer Robert Earp, our creative won an international photography award at the Hassleblad Masters for convincing a model that holding food in a garbage dump with rats was a good idea. One of the most prestigious awards in the industry, the Hassleblad Masters Award each year celebrating the best in both established and rising photographic talent.

The Reactor wins in Europe

B - 210x297 ACPET Hero PRESS

Because this is one stamp no one wants on their passport. Our latest ACPET campaign points the finger at the failing student VISA system.

Application denied

B - 210x297 AAR Behind the scenes NEWS

Taking over an entire shopping precinct was no small task for our series of TVC’s for the Alliance of Australian Retailers.

AAR Behind the scenes

D - 450x253 AAR Evidence TVC Hero TVC

During the 2010 election the Australian Alliance of Retailers put forward their case on the lack of evidence posted by the government on a range of policies including plain packaging for tobacco on TV, online and press. The NO Evidence TVC, created with Chocolate Studios, was part of the overall The Reactor “It won’t work” campaign featuring the words of retailers concerned about the impact of Government policies on their businesses.

AAR Evidence TVC

D - 450x253 O2 Hero ONLINE

Our latest website for Australian cycling team O2 Racing has fast become the team’s HQ. With an ethos to develop and encourage the mature and retired world class professional back to an elite level of racing, O2 Racing is quickly becoming recognised as a dominating force in Australian cycling. Featuring the latest team news, picture gallery, team profiles and more, the site has given the team their online presence. Take a look here.

The Reactor launches O2 Racings’ New Site

D - 450x253 Soundshield TVC Hero TVCONLINEDESIGN

Polaris’ new headset and touch-screen interface, the Soundsheild, is designed to provide Contact Centre Headset Users with the highest level of acoustic protection while maintaining excellent voice clarity and intelligibility. The Reactor produced packaging, user guide and online design as streamlined as the Soundshield itself, highlighting the accessibility of the interface through Sound, Sight and Touch.

Soundshield 4g… Built for the Senses


We continue to help Anglicare with ongoing donation campaigns, highlighting the affects of poverty in Australia.

Special Ingredient

A - 210x148 CGS Ribbon PRESS

The Reactor’s ‘Immersion’ campaign for Caulfield Grammer and open day, featured some airborne students and a focus on the creative-learning, overseas travel and scholarship opportunities available to them. Set against the school colours, we featured actual students from years seven to nine and from the Centre for Early Learning Excellence.

Caulfield Grammar School

A - 210x148 Stroke HERO DESIGN PRESS

We loved helping the Stroke Foundation to put together their latest charity event, Food For Thought. Culminating in an interstate culinary event hosted by seven of Melbourne’s elite chefs and featuring exceptional cuisine and stunning photography, our “Taste. Discover. Understand.” campaign challenged the public perception of stroke.

Stroke Foundation

D - 450x253 Fit TVC Hero TVC

Fresh of the court, elite netballer Renae Hallinan from the Australian Diamonds and the Adelaide Thunderbirds, stars in our first TVC campaign from Health Insurance provider, Fit Health Insurance. A brand new type of health insurance that rewards you for being active, FIT boast a strong focus on sport and fitness and proudly support several local and national sporting organisations including the AFL and Netball Victoria.

FIT Health Insurance

D - 450x253 BEX Match TVC Hero

Romantic music, sexual innuendo and some vaseline on the lense helped us connect cyclists with their perfect match during the Tour de' France. "The Reactor thought of a creative concept that was unique and really delivered our story to the end consumer. Not only did they come up with a good idea, but they executed a plan that grew our business by 35 percent." Jason Wyatt CEO BikeExchange.com.au

Playing Cupid for Bike Exchange

B - 210x297 ABC Hero

Our latest radio campaign for ABC highlights the volatility of the current economic climate with Merry- Go-Rounds, Dodgem Cars and Roller Coasters…

New Radio Campaign for ABC